Margie Plus $20

Wearing: Vintage sweater (similar) /purse, epic sports skirt (similar), ASOS fur/shoes, Choker, Sock Dreams thigh high 

Most of you know that I am a HUGE fan of thrifting! Growing up in poverty with a single mom of three kids, we could not afford a lot of clothes. With the lack or resources and a passion for fashion, thrift stores became a place where I could experiment with fashion and be creative.  I learned from a young age how far $20 can go with just a little bit of vision and minimal DIY skills.

 Still to this day I LOVE scouring thrift stores around NYC and finding one of a kind pieces that have character. This amazing mohair sweater is one of those awesome thrift finds, not only did it fit great it was only $4! The skirt is a 5x cheerleader skirt from and cost $6. The thigh highs are from and come in an array of colors for only $12. Style is not about how much money you have, its about what you do with the resources you have and thinking outside the box. 

Tip: Now that the weather is getting colder I am all about finding ways to winterize my looks so that I can still rock my favorite miniskirts and short. I have found that an easy way to do so is by accessorizing your look with faux fur scarves and pairing heels with thigh high socks to give a boot effect. 

xox Margie 

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