Horizontal Stripe Bodycon

' Its funny to think at one time in my life I was terrified to wear horizontal stripes! .. 

As of late, I have been loving a bold stripe. My new found love of stripes has me thinking back to a time in my life when I wouldn't dare to go near a horizontal stripe in fear that I would look "too fat". Even growing up and shopping in department stores the staff would steer me away from stripes, claiming that I busty women were not meant to wear them. It wasn't until after I began my self love journey that I started to play outside my comfort zone and not let anyone dictate how I dress or feel about myself. I had so much fun styling this Eloquii stripe body con that has an amazing fit but also shows off my shoulders. Since the color and print of the dress were so bold I wanted to rock nude accessories. I urge all my plus size babes to experiment with stripes and have fun with fashion! 
Tip: This dress (and most of the brands clothing) has a very modest cut so I tend to hem a lot of my pieces from the brand. I cut this dress about 5 inches and did a blind hem stitch to secure. 

xox Margie 

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