My Go-To Errand Look

Wearing: Simply Be faux fur, JcPenny Overalls (similar), ASOS booties, Thrifted bag, Boohoo top, Ashley Stewart hat 

Everyone has their own version of a weekend or "errand outfit". Usually, it consists of leggings and some type of sporty workout shoe to quickly get you out of the house and comfortably on your way. To me, the perfect weekend outfit running errands is overalls and a faux fur. Living in NYC there is a constant struggle in my wardrobe between being fashionable and practicality. After trying out my first pair of plus size overalls, I was hooked on the trend. I instantly found I loved the fit and I love an outfit with multiple pockets for my cell phone and other trinkets. Before the big Jonas storm hit here in New York last weekend, Harald and I had a day out running errands in the city. We ran to get coffee at Joe's in the West Village and stopped to take a snapshot of my outfit. The faux fur kept me warm and added a bit of glamour to the look. Thanks to my angora fashion cap you couldn't tell my hair hadn't been done and I was out the door in 20 minutes. 

xox Margie 

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