My Album "Radio Ratchet" Now Out ! +MGL+

I am so excited to announce that I have been working on an album and it dropped on iTunes today with Supervillain Music . Fashion and music have both heavily influenced my life and are both equally important. 

The music itself is edgy and fun (think Iggy Azalea meets Lauren Hill with Nicki Minaj) and content shouldn't be taken too seriously. I have provided links below and can't wait for you to check out : ). Thank you to everyone who has helped out and or supported me on this project, means the world..

xox Margie

Download it on iTunes
Stream it on Spotify

Photo: Kyrre Kristoffersen, Styling: Kyle Luu, Makeup: Natalie CoraAnsoni Studio , Photo edit: Elizabeth Raab 
Video: Produced by Harald Austad, Released by Supervillain, Director & Editor: Patrick Arias, Producer & creative director: Harald Austad, Makeup: Natalie Cora, Graphic Design: Baard Ƙstergaard