Snapback's and Silverlake

Wearing: Vintage top and jacket, Asos Hat, Target Skirt, Nine West boots

Sooooo I must say I have definitely jumped on the snapback train. When I saw my girl Bebe Zeva wearing a similar studded gem at WWD Magic, I knew I had to have one. These pics are from an impromptu photo shoot I had my friend Kelsey take before we hit the Cha Cha room in Silverlake a few weeks ago. I call this my fly girl outfit. I love basically anything gold and GAWDY this thrifted jacket is a perfect addition to my life. Anyways, I am totally digging snapbacks so dont be surprised if you see me in them all summer ( I want to DIY one that says "plus" in gold plated). 

Click through to see my top three snapbacks I am loving and some outfits that I would pair with them ...