Monday, February 25, 2013

Margie Plus: Birthday Outfit,

Margie Plus: Birthday Outfit

It's my birthday! Well, almost. Keeping the upcoming weekend festivities in mind, I have been desperately on the hunt for the perfect birthday outfit. If you can't tell by now, I love to stand out—especially during special occasions like this one.
As most of you know, finding plus sizepieces for evening can be tough, so I had to do some digging. I wanted something that would look great with a jacket to shield me from the cold, something that'd be not only comfortable to sit in during dinner, but easy to let loose in on the dance floor. At first I considered a skirt-and-shirt combo, but I later stumbled upon some amazingly glitzy dresses. Decisions, decisions! I finally chose to go with my gold sequined Forever 21 plus size dress, which I'll wear with my vintage leather moto jacket on the big night.
Click through to shop my narrowed-down birthday outfit list.
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Photo: Keegan McCLung


  1. Damn girl, these photos are next level. Great lighting, great location, and killer ensemble!


  2. That dress is AMAZING. Literally sparkling. x

  3. That dress is to die for. You look smashing in it! Happy almost Birthday! :)

  4. Thanks boo's <3 I tottally got that dress on sale at F21 for like $8 hahah. P.S Callie, I love your blog xoxoxo

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  6. That dress and jacket combo is on point. I'm officially obsessed with your style!


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