Instaweek: NYFW Fall 2013

                                                  reminiscing  my love of the caps @herveleger
                                                        Me after the @milleybymichelle
@millybymichelle show 
                                                         At the #esqmovadoarmcandy party 

                                                                  @charlotteronson show
With @bradleyirion at the @garnierusa event 
                                                                  @rachelzoe sequins !
                                                        During the @richardchai love show !
                                                                 +Milk MilkStudios
                                                  Before the @nicholask show started!
                                                                     at the @edun show !
                                                       Stage before the @herveleger show started ..
#bbunwrapped @baublebar

 I know I have been a little MIA this week, but for a good reason. Fall 2013 New York Fashion week has been in full swing! With all of the upcoming amazing content to share with you and little time to do it, I am doing a NYFW instagram post. I have been able to instagram, tweet and vine amazing pictures and videos of all of the awesome shows I was able to attend this season ( by the way I am so OBSESSED with the VINE app). As today is the last day I will be able to start posting more and more of my NYFW adventure xoxox