Saturday, January 5, 2013

Monif C. Spring 2013 Swim

I have been on the hunt for the perfect bathing suit my whole life especially a two piece plus size one. The closest I can was a 1950's, leopard, pin-up style one-piece from Walmart ( I know right ? ). A lot of plus size brands do not invest a lot of time into their swim wear department and the classic black bathing suit becomes so dull. Monif C. has a ridiculously cute new swimwear line for the 2013 season. I basically want every suit below, especially their leopard high waist two piece one!


  1. Oh gosh, those suits are so beautiful but I think they may be to fierce for me. I'll probably have to stick to my safe, grey one haha.

  2. HAHA I feel you girl ! I NEED the leopard two piece! trying to look past my self image issues of wanting to be all covered up, we shall see how it goes : ) lol


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