Margie Plus: Bodycon Skirts,

Margie Plus: Bodycon Skirts

Honestly, I haven’t always been in love with the idea of a bodycon skirt. My “trouble” area has always been my midsection, and these skirts always tended to hug me in all the wrong places. But since bodycon skirts have recently gained popularity, I decided to give the trend another try. Once I bought in to the look, I realized it was all about how I styled it for my body type to make it work.
What I do like about bodycon skirts is that they're super-comfortable and make a great statement piece. These skirts come in a wide range of colors and prints—and many can be found at anaffordable price point (the one I am wearing here is on sale for $9.40!). As a woman with a little more to love, I have found that making this trend work for my body simply means experimenting with tops of different lengths. Longer ones that hit right below the hip can camouflage the midsection and allow the skirt to complement your curves. Tip: add a boyfriend sweater to your favorite bodycon skirt, like I did here, for a super-flattering look.
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Photo: Keegan McCLung

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