Bar H Brand- Skinnies

I wanted to introduce you to my friend Heather's accessories line called Bar H Brand. She recently launched her site and will be attending WWD Magic trade show in Vegas. I am so proud of how far she has come from concept to creation and totally love her work. I wanted to do a little write up on the part of her line that I love the most which are the "skinnies". The skinnies are bracelets (and soon to be belts) that come in an assortment of hand crafted leather from studding to raw hyde. All of her stuff has a cowboy/rocker aesthetic. I took these pictures while doing my margie plus post yesterday ( and is why my outfit looks oddly familiar lol) . Below are some of my fav skinnies for my peeps to check out. Also in a few weeks I will be doing a Bar H Brand giveaway of the signature "Margie Plus" skinny ! check her out here .. (